Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't bug him...

We're on day 3 with the helmet and so far so good...he really doesn't seem to mind it at all. I'd even go as far as saying he likes it! He keeps grabbing the loops around the ears and rubbing his head. He's sleeping with it on, he's rolling all over the place, he's my normal, happy, little dude!

I ended up swinging by Michael's to pick up some stickers after I noticed every freaking person on this side of the Earth was staring at him like a freak of nature. I'm hoping it will make him look less like a storm trooper and more like...a storm trooper with bugs on his helmet.

I like it. We don't need no stinkin' wrap. We got us some stickers.

Oh and to all you people with staring problems, Kieran has something to say to you...


  1. Love what you did with the helmet!!

    (nojanenopain from



  4. My best friends son had to wear a helmet to fix his head also. He had to wear it about 10 months I think and he is now just perfect. It was ridiculous how many people stared at that sweet little baby when we were all out and about. People are rude sometimes but all that matters is that you are doing what is best for that sweet boy. My friends painted their sons and then added fun stickers and then put a coat of clear mod podge on it so it all stayed out and was easier to clean. Hope all goes well for your son, i'm sure it will.