Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have my very own Storm Trooper...

We got it! We got it!

We had such a long day yesterday.  We left straight from our Baby Signs class to head to Toronto for our 1pm appointment.  We got there just on time because traffic going into the city sucked, as usual.

Trevor brought us in and stuck the helmet on Kieran's head.  It still needed to be trimmed and have the straps put on, so he measured it all up and went to fix it. 

He came back, still not right, measured some more, left again.  It was a long process...almost 2 hours! 

When the helmet was perfect he put in on my little dude's head again and he FREAKED! I mean screaming blue murder.  It was way past his nap time though so I was hoping it was just because he was tired and fussy.  We took it off, went over how to clean it and what to look for, and we left (by this time it was after 3pm).

On the way out we met another little cutie with a helmet.  While we were waiting to make our follow up appointment we chatted with his mom and grandma for a bit.  They were amazing - full of information and so encouraging.  Their little guy's head was so flat you could hold a book against it before he got his helmet.  They took it off to show us what it looks like now and oh my goodness! It was almost perfect!  It was so nice to see how well these things work!

Anyway, we had to make a stop in Mississauga on the way home for John to go to dragonboat practice (and to grab some supper...we were starrrrrving!)  Kieran finally got his nap on the way and before we went in for dinner I decided to try the helmet again.  I was expecting the worst, but he loved it!  His hands went right up to his head to feel it and he was smiling!

He wore it in the car seat between the restaurant and the rowing club.  No issues.

During dragonboat practice I took him for a walk through a park and he fell asleep in the stroller with it on, no qualms whatsoever. 

I'm so, so thankful that he's so comfortable in it! Maybe these next few months won't be so bad after all!


  1. He's so cute - the helmet doesn't seem to bother him one bit!

  2. So glad that he is comfy in it!

  3. I am glad to see that he doesn't seem to mind it at all. I have some questions for you though.

    Did the orthotist tell you where the holding points were? Your baby boy seems to have brachy. Am I right? I remember asking our clinician at Cranial Tech after the failed passive helmet we got from ECA and she said that the holding points where right above her ears. I asked her how would one know that they were there and actually holding her head, she said while Maysa's band did rotate back and forth when she tried to pull it up by putting her hands right above her ears on the helmet, the helmet didn't bulge. I was relieved.

    I am saying all this because it does seem to me like your son's helmet is a little higher above his ears than what "I" would like to see. Maybe I am wrong... Also, have you checked with your pediatrician to make sure that the chin strap is safe? You probably have but I thought I'd add that anyway.

    Good luck, he has such gorgeous eyes!!!