Saturday, May 1, 2010

Revelations and relaxation...

Okay, so apparently my kid has decided that he loves to sleep on his side.  Seriously dude?  You couldn't have had this great revelation 3 months ago to avoid this whole thing?

Anywho, while it's great for his noggin, it's terrible for my wellbeing.  I'm up half the night worrying about him rolling onto his belly and smothering himself in his sleep.  I keep leaning over the bassinet to make sure he's still breathing. 

I know, relax mom...reeeelax.

I'm working on 4 nights of crappy sleep and busy days and to top it off, we've decided that tonight is going to be the first night he spends in his crib.  And I thought I was neurotic over the side sleeping - I've got a whole other thing coming.  We can't let him sleep in the bassinet any longer though.  He's having to sleep diagonally to fit in the damned thing anymore.  I just can't let him go.

Relax mom....reeeeelax.

1 comment:

  1. It will get better. I was the same way with Rosemary, so you are so not alone with the worry. :)

    After a while, you start to check less and less!