Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Consignment cutie...

I had the cutest conversation with a little girl today in a local consignment store over Kieran's helmet.  I love little kids and their honesty.

Here's how it went;

Her: "Does your baby have a bicycle?"

Me: "No, sweetie.  He's too young for that.  He's wearing the helmet because his head is flat and the helmet will help to fix it."

Her: "Why is he broken?"

Me: "I don't know, it just happened!" (I wasn't going to get into logistics with a 4 year old LOL)

Her (as she reaches out to touch Kieran's hand and then pulls it back): "Is he sick?"

Me: "No, he's not sick!"

Her: "Just a flat head?"

Me: "Yup! Just a flat head."

Her (as she wandered away): "Oh okay"

It was so adorable! I could have just eaten her up!

The look on her face when she went to reach out for Kieran and realized his helmet might mean he's sick was priceless.  It took all I had not to laugh!

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