Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Left to our own devices...

I came across something the other day, and I thought what a great idea (if it does in fact work)! It's called a Noggin Nest.  It's supposed to help keep pressure off the back of your babe's head, from what I can tell.

It got me thinking about other gadgets that might help.  I've come up with quite a few.

So for those of you who aren't sure about what to do to help round out your kiddo's head, this is for you.

Along the same lines as the Noggin Nest, there's something called the Mimos Pillow.  I like this because it's breathable.  Not pretty, but breathable.

Next up is the tummy time mat.  Pretty much a no brainer.  Kieran seemed to do okay with this one.  Didn't love it, but hey, it was tummy time, what's there to love?  He didn't hate it either though, at least not for the first 30 seconds.

Sleep wedges are next on the list.  Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.  Within 3 minutes of putting Kieran on his side, he'd wriggled onto his back.  Every.  Single.  Time.

Next I came across this thing.  It's called a RESQ wedge.  It creeps me out.  But it might work for you.

Even creepier is the Hushamok.  It's apparently supposed to help prevent plagio by distributing the baby's weight more evenly. 

Don't ask me.  I don't know.


  1. Thanks! I WISH I could get a Mimos pillow, it looks awesome and V could sleep on it. But geez it's pricey! Do you let Kieran sleep on the noggin nest?

  2. Mimos pillow is available in UK.
    Its the only safe baby pillow for effective plagiocehaly prevention recomended by Doctors.
    Material are breathable 3D fabric for Airflow and Anti-suffocation (certified by TUV).
    Safe to use for Day or Night and Also can be use for tummy time