Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wave number two...

It bothers me when people say his head isn't that flat.  It shouldn't, I should be elated, but it does. 

It makes me question our decision to have him fitted for the helmet.  It makes me question the competence of our pediatrician.  It makes me question my eyesight.

I keep second guessing myself.  Are we doing the right thing?  Should we just let him grow up the way he is? He's perfect in our eyes anyways, flat head or not.

If we do that, will he hate us for not fixing it? Can he wear a baseball cap like his daddy? Will he be able to shave his head without looking like a dork? Will other kids make fun of him?

What if it gets better on it's own? What if it gets worse?

I'm seriously driving myself insane because of those few little words.  I'd love for someone just to say "You know what, it is pretty flat.  You're doing the right thing." And all would be good in the world again.

I swear there won't be any more posts like this.  I'm just going through another wave of mommy guilt!


  1. You went with your gut and you made the right decision for him!!

  2. It drives me crazy when people say that too. I decide though, that since they don't have bald heads, they wont understand. Or maybe they are trying to make you feel better because they don't want you to think it's easy to see? I don't know.

  3. Oh hey, there is a petition you should post on your blog: