Sunday, April 4, 2010

A little background..

Here is our story.

Kieran was born on Remembrance Day, 2009.  We're positive he came that day to make sure no one would forget him.  He's just that kind of dude.

After a month or two of him being in our lives, I noticed the back of his head looked a little flat.  Everyone told me it was okay, "not that flat", and "it would round itself out".

A couple more months went by and it was still flat.  Maybe a little rounder.  Maybe not, it was probably just my wishful thinking.

At Kieran's 4 month check up, our family doctor noticed it and asked how long it had been that way.  I figured she'd noticed before - it had pretty much always been like that.  I noticed it, she should have too.
She gave us a brochure full of frightening information on plagiocephaly and craniosyntosis and referred us to a pediatrician.  We had to wait like 3 weeks with the worst case scenarios stuck in our heads because of that stupid brochure.

April 1, 2010 was our first meeting with the pediatrician.  He checked Kieran all over.  Turned him this way and that.  Got spit up on.  Got peed on.  Laughed about it.  He was amazing.  He said it might round out on it's own, but would never be truly round.  He told us about a device that's used to help round out little heads.  A helmet.  I know, right? A helmet.

I asked him what he would do if he were in our position.  At first he told us that he wasn't sure, but after a little thought he said he'd go with the helmet.  Kieran is 5 month old and the perfect age for treatment.  If we don't treat it and hope it rounds out on it's own and it doesn't it will no longer be treatable.  He said many times parents decide to wait to see if their little person's head will fix itself, but after a while it's too late and they regret not going for the treatment.

We left there with a big decision to make.  Let our babe live his life with a flat head (that's purely a cosmetic issue) or use a device that has a serious stigma attached to it and put our honey bunny through a couple of months of discomfort.
We don't want to live our life with any regrets when it comes to our son.  We don't want him to resent us later either for not fixing something that can be fixed.  It's a couple of months and he'll get used to it.  And when he's older we want him to wear a baseball cap, or be able to shave his head like his daddy, and no one will comment on the shape of his head.

Houston, we're going for the helmet.  Now we sit and wait for a consult.


  1. Hi Melissa - cute blog & Kieran is adorable. Our son Cole, 7 1/2 mo actually gets his DOC band tomorrow for plagio & tort. Very scary - i am excited and nervous! Looking forward to reading more about your journey!

  2. Hope all goes well with Cole's band! Thanks for reading :)