Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anticipation and other news...

Well it's officially less than one week away from our consult, and I'm going nuts in anticipation. 

Kieran, on the other hand, appears to have other things on his mind, like when his next meal is coming and how long he can go without pooping.

I've been wracking my brain about how we're going to decorate the helmet.  I've seen so many great ideas online, but I'm so artistically challenged it's not even funny.  I don't get it - I come from a family of artistes.  My sister and mom are amazing, they can do anything.  My dad can draw pirate ships.  I can draw stick figures with bows in their hair and paint crooked rainbows.  Neither of which I think Kieran will want on his head.

I think I'm going to spam a bunch of vehicle wrap companies, sell them our sob story, and hope they'll help us out.   If 360 Wraps can do it, any other company should be able to, right?  I'll give it a shot.  Keep your fingers crossed for this artistically challenged mama.

In other news, Kieran's officially started eating solids! I say "officially" because he's had tastes of things here and there for about the last month, but nothing consistently, and it's usually stuff that's been snuck to him by his Gran that he really shouldn't have been eating.  He's still alive though, so I guess it was okay. 

You tell our doctor about any of this and I'll find you.

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