Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kieran got plastered...

We're home.  We're plastered.  We're back into waiting mode.

Kieran's helmet will be done in 2 weeks!

Our appointment went really well.  We met with our orthotist, Trevor, and had a chat about what we were told by the pediatrician and what we've done in terms of positioning.  He gave us the option of trying positioning for another 2 weeks and make our decision after that, or to just go ahead with things.

Another 2 weeks? Seriously, dude?  After trying the positioning techniques for almost 2 months, what is another 2 weeks going to do for us?  That means an extra trip to the big city, a day off work for John, and another 2 weeks of me biting my nails.  Did you see my nails, Trevor? Did you?

So we were left alone to talk.  But we already knew what we were going to do, so our talk lasted 3 seconds and we spent the next 9 minutes and 57 seconds bouncing our little dude and staring at the ugly yellow walls. That's right Sick Kids, your casting room walls are ugly.

The casting went really well.  Except for this part;

And taking the cast off, which we didn't get a picture of, but it closely resembled the above picture, plus a cast and minus John trying to cram the sucky down Kieran's throat.

We got some awesome news that the helmet only needs to be worn for upwards of 18 hours a day, instead of the dreaded 23.  Our little guy will get a bit of a break each day instead of just being free for tubby time.

So we head back on May 17th to pick it up and learn all about it and our real journey will begin.  It's gonna be a long, hot summer, kiddo.  Mommy apologizes profusely.

I'll upload some more pictures of the casting process to the 'Pictures' section.  Oh and I know I said the helmet is ready in 2 weeks but May 17th is 3 weeks away...it's not because I can't add, it's because they're booked up for May 10th and are trying to bump someone out of their appointment to move us up.  We're that important.


  1. Aw, looks like Kieran is a real trooper. Glad the visit went well. I love reading your blog!

  2. Great Job on the Blog so far. WE are enjoying watching and learning the progress

  3. Melissa,
    I just read your entire blog.
    As a Mom, I truly I feel for you...
    I cannot imagine what you have been going through, and I know what it is like to wait for appts for your child, etc. I have been through the ringer myself with Chord. I just wanted to say that I think you have made the right decision, you guys know what is best for your son and you went with your gut. Don't second guess your decision.
    Stay strong. Wish you all the best in your treatments and for Kieran. XO Love Tash

  4. Awe, poor guy!! You're doing great though! I can't imagine doing this and you're being a great Mom!

  5. My lil guy is getting his helmet on the 14th. We didn't have to do the head plastering thing, they just took some scans of his head and said come back in two weeks for a fitting. Weird?

  6. It depends on the type of helmet they get. DOC and STAR bands do a scan, Sick Kids makes their own so they do the cast.