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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner...

The winner of the Stylin' Baby Helmets onesie is...

#10 Anonymous: "I like "#6 - CAUTION" the best. Thanks for the chance to win! --Liza"

Congrats Liza!  I'll contact you with how to claim your prize!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bling your Band giveaway...

So here we promised, my gift to you for making it through the rundown of our vacation.

In celebration of going from this...

To glorious this...

Coree (who is super amazing, by the way!) of Bling Your Band is offering up a $25 design (from her list of designs or a custom design) to one lucky reader.


Here's how to win...

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Good luck!

We came, we saw, we missed Obama...

So we got home from our trip to DC this week and ohmygoodnessitwasamazing.  We had such a good time and Kieran was a dream the whole time.  For being completely out of his element, sleeping in a strange crib, being dragged around from 9am till 10pm and a 22 hour round trip in a car, he was just amazing!

This is going to be a super long blog post, but I'll make it up to you as soon as it's done.

On Friday night, almost as soon as we got into DC we checked into the hotel and went straight to the Marine Barracks for their evening parade.  It was stifling hot...I'm talking almost 100 degrees before the humidity and the air was so still, not even a slight breeze.  I ended up stripping Kieran down to his diaper and leaving to walk him up and down the street to keep him cool.  From what I was told though, the parade was awesome.

Saturday we got up bright and early and left to take a tour of Washington.  From the Washington Monument, to the WWII Memorial, over to the Lincoln Memorial, and down to the Vietnam War Memorial, around to the White House and finally stopping at the Willard Hotel, we sweated through our morning.  This place is full of history and absolutely beautiful!

The afternoon lead us to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. What a place! So much cool stuff to see.

Sunday we put ourselves through more punishment...I mean, touring (Oh my word it was soooo hot there! We were just dying!) We went to check out the Capitol and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial (in case I haven't mentioned it before, everyone in my family except my mom and Kieran are involved in policing somehow, so this place was super important for us to check out!)  The U.S. knows how to put together some beautiful monuments - Canada should take a lesson or two from them.

We tried to stay cool in the afternoon by going to the Natural History Musuem and showing Kieran all the animals and dinosaurs.  He was more interested in making friends.

Monday morning we took a break from walking and went to the Arlington Cemetery.  If there's one place you have to go in the DC area, it's the Arlington Cemetery - especially to see the changing of the guards ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns.  What a moving place!  It gave me chills to see it in real life.

In the afternoon we headed out to Alexandria and stopped at the George Washington Masonic Memorial.  My dad is a mason and John is thinking about becoming one, and it was somewhere they really wanted to stop.  Unfortunately I spent most of the time trying to keep Kieran occupied, so I didn't get to see too much - but I can tell you that there were a lot of pictures of George Washington there...and the green couches are super comfy.  If you ever get a chance to sit in them I highly recommend you do it.

Tuesday, our last day of the trip before heading home (I bet you're thankful for that! This blog post is going to end soon!)  We started out at the Library of Congress.  I would marry the Beast if I could have a library like that.  Incredible!  And seeing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in person was super cool.

(Excuse John's wardrobe in this photo...I let him dress himself that day)

That afternoon we split up.  The guys went to the Air and Space Museum and the ladies went to the Art Gallery.  Picasso, Monet, Rembrandt, Renoir, Degas...Incredible!  Unfortunately Kieran had a bit of a melt down and I had to get out of there early so he didn't bother anyone, but what I saw just blew me away!  On the way back to the hotel we got to stop and dip our feet in a fountain (there's no way we'd be able to do that at home!) and take a quick walk through a sculpture garden which was neat.

Oh and to make up for Kieran and I missing the parade the first night, we got to go back on Tuesday! This time it was in a park right in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial.  They couldn't have picked a better spot for it.  I have to agree, it was phenomenal!

And that was it - the 5 days flew by fast, but it was so worth it. Kieran loved DC so much that he decided to stay a while.  He joined the Navy.  Then he found out how much hard work it was and decided he'd just stay a tourist.

Washington is just an incredible place all around and we can't wait to go back.

Now, as a thank you for getting all the way through this post, I'm going to post about something entirely different....but I'll start a new post especially for it.  Can you hold on a second?  I'll be right back!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home sweet home...

We're home from our trip! We had a great time! It's going to take me 3 hours to blog about it because we did so much, so in the mean time I'll leave you with this.

I was emailed during our vacation by Stylin' Baby Helmets telling me all about their great products.  I snuck a peek at the website between chasing Kieran around the hotel room and touring about DC.  Oh my word, it's awesome! Why didn't someone think of these things sooner?

The hats are so stinkin' cute and the stickers and onesies are hilarious!  I'm totally envious of all the mamas with helmeted girls because John doesn't like me when I put flowers and bows on Kieran just for a laugh.

And remember how I said I had some exciting things lined up?  Well here's the first one...

Stylin' Baby Helmets are offering up a onesie (size 6-9 months) to one of you lucky ducks.

Here's how you can score one...

Go visit the Stylin' Baby Helmets website and leave a comment here telling me which onesie you would love to win along with your email address (1 entry). [This is mandatory...if you don't do this then all of your other entries will be deleted...sorry dudes!]

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Easy as pie, right? Now get at it!

[Fine Print] The giveaway will end Tuesday 7/27.  U.S. & Canadian entries only.  Please leave your email address in your comment so I can get a hold of you if you win! Many thanks to Stylin' Baby Helmets for this giveaway opportunity!

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things explained...

Now that Kieran's asleep, I have a little more time to explain how today's follow up went!

You probably already got the idea that it went well, but here's the long version.

I mentioned earlier this week that people have really been noticing the difference in the shape of Kieran's melon, so when Trevor asked how things were going I almost shouted, "GREAT!!!"  I think his eyes almost bugged out of his head.

Anyway, we took the helmet off and he agreed that it was looking really good.  He took Kieran's head circumference (43.5cm...almost 2.5cm from when we started! It doesn't sound like much, but trust me, it is!) and asked me how John and I felt about the progress.  I told him that we were really happy with how the bottom has rounded out, but noticed that the top (where I had originally said it almost looked indented) was still a little flat.

He explained that the head will naturally start to round out from the bottom and work it's way up, so we were definately on the right track.  He kind of (in his normal, roundabout way) gave us a few options.

1) Be happy with what we've got
2) Keep at it, but only at night
3) Keep at it, all the time, in case Kieran gets pissy if we only try to put it on at night

We picked option 3, but we can be comfortable being a little more lax in how much he wears it during the day.  I'm so thankful for that...maybe we can control a bit of the stink now!  And with an upcoming vacation, we can keep him cool and take some helmet free pictures!

(Can you guess where we're going?)

So we're due back in the usual 4 weeks...and that will be it! Our flat will be fixed.  We're over the moon and Kieran, of course, is...

(He just doesn't know it yet.  He also doesn't know how to clean the outside of his helmet, as made apparent in the above picture. Kids!) celebrate our last 4 weeks, I have some exciting surprises coming your way.

That's all I have to say, you'll have to stay tuned.

Guess what?

Do you have any idea what all these things have in common?

Nope.  It's not that they're all related to time passing.

It's not that my kid is eating the paper they're written on.

They're all when Kieran will have to wear his stinky helmet for the very last time.

Are you excited?  We sure are!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not just for noggins...

You would never know it, but these helmets come in handy for more than just fixin' flats.

For example, while babysitting my 14 month old cousin, it kept him entertained for at least 10 minutes.  Kieran stayed in that position the whole time.  He was hoping to be rewarded with another kiss.

He was right.

It's super useful when you're having multi-coloured balls hurled at your head.  They just bounce right off that sucker.

It's also an awesome distraction when you want to steal said multi-coloured balls.  "Hey Trent! Do I have something on my head?" *yoink*

And last but not least, it's a wicked crash helmet....when it's on.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Adios alien head...

It's working! It's working!

The helmet, it's working!  And it's not just John and I that can see it this time!

Within the past week we've had so many friends and family members comment on how great his head is looking.  To quote my 11 year old, insanely blunt (but totally awesome) cousin, "Yay! No more alien head!"

It makes me want to scream from roof tops and do a wee jig.  But I won't, because I'll probably fall from the roof top while doing my jig and then Kieran's head will be the least of our worries.

In other news, our family is in serious need of some thoughts and prayers (if you're the prayin' kind).   Some of our favourite family members have been having some health issues recently and it just seems like when it rains it pours lately.  I'm not really going to get into it because I'm not so sure those family members want their medical issues plastered all over the internet, but I'll say that it's not good.  So if you could think of us or say a little prayer we would really appreciate it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Get outside, baby...

Happy belated Canada Day and 4th of July!  We had such a busy few days celebrating the holiday weekend, but had so much fun!  We were blessed with beautiful weather and spent so much time outdoors - it was fantastic! I love to use exclamation marks!

Canada Day we ventured out to a local park with my parents and grandparents for a Canada Day celebration.   We had a great time checking out all of the events they had going on and just spending time with the family.

Kieran had a blast in the petting zoo, having his toes nibbled by goats and petting the animals. 

After the park we headed back to Gran and Grandad's for a BBQ and a float in the hot (well, warm) tub.  It's one of Kieran's favourite places to be.  He was born a water baby.

Friday and Saturday were busy preparing for and having our first garage sale.  It was a success and Kieran was so great all day just hanging out and people watching.

And then came Sunday.  We had planned to go to the beach for the first time since having Kieran.  I was a little worried about how it would go over with him in the heat all day...and the sand.  Oh, the sand.  I was terrified that he'd have a "sand"wich for lunch - he's the kid who puts everything in his mouth.  But he was fantastic! He just sat and played and swam and was so happy doing it!

He took his first swim in the lake...and it was cold, but he was great once he got used to it.  And he loved being dunked in and out of the water.

(Yea, I know.  Mommy needs her butt kicked by Jillian Michaels.)

He spent a ton of time just hanging out with daddy, giving mommy a much needed break.

Took a nap.

And ate a water bottle.

He really is a little...

(I have to admit though, we pretty much had his helmet off all day.  I couldn't stomach the thought of cleaning sand out of his diaper AND his helmet.  Bad mommy.)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

He's kind of a big deal...

I'm going to stop focusing a ton on the helmet and more on our day to day life.  Honestly, besides our appointments all this in between stuff is kind of boring.  Our day to day life includes Kieran's helmet anyway, so it all works out.

June was such a huge month for Kieran.  Now that it's over, I should probably give you all a recap.

The beginning of June started Kieran on a life long journey.  He was Baptised.  Now, we're not an overly religious family and only (very) sporadically attend church, but we felt it important for him to grow up with a faith structure.  Plus, my grandmother made it publicly known that she would kill us if we didn't have it done.  Ye have felt no wrath like the wrath of an 80 year old Scottish, Catholic grandmother.

Soon after the Baptism he denounced his faith and kissed a boy.  His own cousin, no less.  Okay, I'm joking.  He didn't denounce his faith - our faith is accepting of all (don't tell my Scottish, Catholic grandmother).  But he did kiss his cousin. 

Kieran currently has a request in with Lance Bass to do a remake of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl", only he has asked that "Girl" be replaced with "Boy".

He started eating all kinds of new food.  Although 3/4 of it landed on his shirt or in his high chair.  He's even eating table food.  Screw you purees!

He said "dada".  Still won't say "mama".  Who's more important here, kid?  Who carried you in their womb for 9 months?  Certainly not "dada".

He jumped in a puddle (after learning how to walk with a little help!).

He grew a mohawk.

He grew fangs.

And after all of that he told me he thought he was ready to drive.  I don't think so, kid.  You're good, but not that good.