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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well hello there!

Okay, okay, I give.

I'm finally blogging again.  I've been called out on being MIA one too many times and you've all got me feeling guilty.

I don't even have an excuse for disappearing really.  All I can say is I've had some serious blogger's block and nothing super interesting has happened to us lately.

Kieran's still in the helmet, but only at night....when I remember to put it on.  I've been a bad, bad mommy about it lately.
As of our last appointment Kieran's noggin had only grown about half a centimetre.  Not a huge improvement.  I think that's what's got me discouraged  and has kept me from being diligent about it.  Not seeing results at the top of his head.  That one darn spot just won't budge.  Maybe I'm just at the point of being happy with what we've got.  I dunno.

Anywho, here other than that there's no more helmet news.

There are some things that Kieran asked me to tell you about though...

Kieran is almost walking.

He has 8 teeth now, not just 5 anymore.

He's learned how to shake his head no.

He's learned how to do it at the dinner table.

He doesn't always eat like a horse now because of it.

He says mama, but still says dada more.

He's definately looking like a little boy.  I miss my little newborn bubby boy.

He loves nakey time.

He loves the dishwasher.

He especially loves them when they're together.

He'd also like me to tell you that he's been having an awesome time this fall and will be back tomorrow to share some pics of you.  This time he'll be clothed.  And standing somewhere a little more appropriate.