Thursday, June 17, 2010

Follow up #1....

We had our first follow up and adjustment yesterday.

John and I had started to notice a difference in Kieran's head shape. He had more definition between his neck and head. He was more round looking down from the top of his head.

Our pediatrician told us it was too early to notice any changes.  And once again, we felt like we were imagining things or going crazy.

Well guess what Mr. Pediatrician? You're imagining things, not us. That's right. Our orthotist confirmed it. Kieran's flat is being fixed!

We got the photo of his original head shape and a photo of his head yesterday. He's gone from being a triangle to almost a circle. Check it out! (The photos are looking down at his head circumference from above...they don't show the actual flatness of the back of his head, just the general shape of his head.)

5 Month Flat

7 Month Flat

Check out the bulge on the right side of the 5 month's almost gone in the 7 month one! So awesome!

Okay, so it may not be super noticeable to anyone else, but it's certainly a huge difference in our eyes!

Oh and I have to clarify something I said earlier. I was partially wrong (because a woman is never completely wrong, right? hah!) The helmet is "active in the sense that we have to adjust it" but it's not really considered an active device....from what I understand. But once again, I could be partially wrong.


  1. Looking good, Kieran!! Did they tell you how long they thought he'd be wearing it for?